The SEABOAT project, co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 ‘Supporting SMEs efforts for the development’ focuses on deployment and market replication of innovative solutions for blue growth. The SeaBoat project consortium is made of two partners from the areas of composites design and manufacturing, composites research, and boat manufacturing.

ÉireComposites’ extensive knowledge of powder epoxy reinforced, fibre materials and knowledge in building boats, the project is to produce a stronger, lighter, safer boat-hull using an innovative, patented manufacturing process (C-PET).

The SEABOAT project will generate blue growth in boat manufacturing and ensure that European SMEs are the world leaders in the production of advanced composite boat hulls by introducing a novel boat hull manufacturing technology, Composite Powder Epoxy Technology (C-PET). Conceived with technology developed for aerospace and renewable energy applications, C-PET is an innovative, high-performing and cost-effective advanced composite manufacturing technology aimed at the marine recreational boating segment. It will lower the cost of boat hulls by 30% by employing a cutting-edge manufacturing process that eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) during production and leads to a reduction of hull weight by 45%. This, in turn, enables the battery-powered boats to compete with fuel-powered alternatives by reducing their operational costs by 60% and greenhouse emissions from power generation to zero.


The overall aim of this high-potential business project is to produce a stronger, lighter, safer boat-hull using an innovative, patented manufacturing process (C-PET).

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News & Events

Throughout the course of our research we will be keeping the public informed about our findings and events we organise to promote awareness of the project.

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EireComposties Teo is the sole project coordinator of the SeaBoat project.

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ÉireComposites is an innovative design, manufacturing and testing company, involved in lightweight and high-performance fibre-reinforced composite materials with an international blue-chip customer base of over 70 companies in the aerospace, renewable energy and automotive sectors

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SeaBoat is a research and development project that will use novel engineering methods to modernise the way boats are manufactured and used